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"I feel compelled to email you and thank you and your staff for excellent service. I myself am in the residential service business and am aware of the state of service these days which is usually below par. I was so glad to be home and meet your tech. Their professionalism coupled with a genuine friendliness and knowledge is a refreshing experience."

Luke, residential client

“As a business man, you know the value of surrounding yourself with good people. I want to thank you for [one of your employees]. We lost power [recently] and our well had to be tested for two days before we could be off the boil alert. On Friday I called [your employee] and told her I am a disabled Air Force veteran and have to drink water all day because of my medications. She took it upon herself to call the lab and after work hours, at 9 PM from her home, she called me to let me know I wouldn’t have to worry about having bottled water. Thank you! She is the best!”

Mary, residential client

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